COVID 19 infection – an additional helper of the Silent killer?

Author: Jelaković Bojan, Melanija Kolarić, Ines Golubić, Nikolina Bukal, Josipa Josipović, Vedran Premužić, Ana Jelaković, Sandra Karanović, Nikolina Bašić Jukić

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic era, there has been a growing question of the role of arterial hypertension in the severity of the clinical presentation of the infection and its consequences. There are three key questions: does hypertension promote COVID-19 infection, does arterial hypertension affect the severity of COVID-19 infection and increases mortality, and is the interaction of COVID-19 infection and the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) relevant to the clinical course of the disease. The answer to these questions is in the understanding of the important facts about arterial hypertension, RAS and respiratory infections, independent of COVID-19 infection and especially in the interaction of COVID-19 infection and RAS and its role in the clinical course of the disease.

Key words:
arterijal hypertension; COVID-19 infection; renin-angiotensin system