Lower urinary tract symptoms: a neglected indicator of overall health

Author: Ana Lesac Brizić, Vladimir Mozetič

Lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) are manifested by problems with urination. The etiology of LUTS does is not only in the urinary system, its causes can originate from any organ system, or may not be of organic origin at all. This makes LUTS a very important indicator of health, in the full sense of the WHO definition of health. LUTS can be the cause of a number of other diseases and disorders. LUTS is very common in the population. It impairs the quality of life. Nevertheless, LUTS is still neglected, even in developed countries, and is one of the burning topics of recent medical literature. The leading reason for neglect is patients who simply do not seek medical help for LUTS-induced problems. It is extremely important to raise awareness about LUTS, in the population and in medical circles, in order to detect LUTS in a timely manner and begin treatment at the primary healthcare level.

Key words:
family practice; health promotion; lower urinary tract symptoms; primary health care; urological manifestations